You have to wear makeup today.

You’ve been crying and haven’t slept much

People will notice and ask you why.

Use concealer to help hide the puffiness.

Powder, to give you some glow.

You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

But you can’t let anyone know that you actually have.

“You look mean, smile”

Someone Is probably going to say that stupid shit today.

So contour those cheeks.

Give them enough angles

So they’ll look past the fallen curvature of your lips.

Now highlight.

Convince yourself you are still able to shine

Through all of your darkest thoughts.

Convince yourself that looking pretty

Will actually make you feel better

Lie if you have to.

Play pretend.

Dress up your personality.

Make it match your face.

Convince everyone you’re okay.


Because you think that you have to.

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