Anita D.

Spoken Word Artist, Slam Poet & Host from San Diego, Ca by way of Brockton, Ma. Her work comes from a place of vulnerability and truth as she continues on her path of healing in art. Through her poetry, she advocates for mental health awareness and the breaking of generational curses. She volunteers at middle and high schools hosting writing and safe space workshops with the youth that focus on the importance of finding healthy, creative coping mechanisms. Recently, she self published her first project entitled “And The Psych Ward Says…” A chapbook filled with poems, stories & journal entries from time she spent as an involuntary patient. The book highlights and discusses the reality of the imbalance that exists within the mental health field and the disparities among black and brown people who are treated. Her accolades include; 2019 Individual World Poetry Slam Finalist (3rd place) 2020 San Diego rep for Women Of The World Poetry Slam (16th) 2016 National Poetry Slam Finalist (2nd Place) Two time San Diego PoetrySLAM team member. House Slam (Boston) 2018 team member.