Daddy Drinks; a ghazal

I was four years old when I learned how to make a “daddy drink” Ice, gin, ginger ale / that’s the only thing my daddy drinks For half the week I’d play bartender / scribble orders in crayon Then run off to the kitchen / pour, mix & serve my daddy drinks On the other [...]

No apologies

I've never been very good with forgiveness. I have a bad habit of becoming obsessed with needing a sincere apology before I can bring myself to forgive anyone for anything. I used to think that forgiving someone, meant I was saying that whatever they did, was okay. This has made it very difficult for me [...]

Hold on to the moments

I've always been a hopeless romantic. In constant search for moments filled with feelings of fairy tale. I have always been in love with love. The idea of soulmates. I've imagined meeting my own countless times. We are somewhere in the world, on the same day, at the same time. We are strangers but when [...]